About - billdix
I have been involved in photography for many years, dating back to travel photographs made during my college and Peace Corps years, and before that to my first Brownie Hawkeye with which, like many children of my generation, I recorded scenery in the National Parks while camping with my family. My long-standing love of the natural environment has made nature an obvious and endless source of subject matter; with Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter and a host of others serving as early inspiration. 

Birding has been a casual interest for some time, becoming a passion only in recent years. The behavior, interactions and habitats of birds provide for endless fascination and artistic challenge. Retirement from my architectural practice in 2008 has given me the time to combine these two avocations, photography and birding, into the full-time pursuit of avian photography. 

My nature, travel and avian photographs have been exhibited in local galleries, sold in juried art shows, and published in several magazines. Featured here are avian images made since 2009, when I made the complete transition to digital photography. 

Images contained on this site are available for purchase either as matted, archival-quality fine art prints, or as TIFF files for stock or web publication. For information on sizes and pricing, contact me at: williamdix@msn.com. 
All images on this site are the sole property of the photographer, and are not to be reproduced, linked or otherwise used for any purpose with out prior permission.